John’s Place – Times Colonist
Wednesday June 1 2005

Author: Eric Akis

It felt like an election office after the polls had closed when I tabulated the hundreds of reader submissions to our latest Best of the Island poll. Several eateries strongly encouraged their patrons to vote. After more than an hour of counting I was able to declare, by a margin of a thin crepe, that John’s Place, a funky diner on Pandora Avenue in Victoria was the readers’ favourite breakfast joint.

“Definitely John’s Place” Lindsey Henderson wrote in bold letters on her submission form citing three reasons: “Great waffles, fun atmosphere and friendly staff – some having been serving there for years!”

Annie Oliver agreed. “Their food is fantastic, the atmosphere is great and the service is very fast, even the tons of people in the restaurant,”she says. Oliver’s favourite breakfast is the 222 Headache – a revitalizing meal of pancakes of waffles, eggs and bacon, sausage or ham designed to help cure the effects of a long night on the town.