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Eat and drink

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crispy chicken melt


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What others said

This is quite seriously my favorite restaurant in not only Victoria but in the history of restaurants. I feel at home here. My dad was a chef and growing up in his kitchen, laughing, exploring, and loving both our food and our family has made all restaurants void. But your food tastes like my dad’s! Home done, with an obvious and apparent love for food, and for life. I want to eat here every day.


I’ve eaten a lot of bennies in my 60+ years. Yours is just about the Best! Congrats! Hollandaise sauce should never come out of a can — a fact that many restaurants do not observe. My hat off to your excellent sauce!


This is my first time to Victoria and it has been absolutly beautiful and amazing. I am very fortunate to meet the staff and family I have come to love here at John’s Place. The food this morning was without a doubt the best breakfast I have ever had. The omelet was perfect and the smoothie was simply amazing. Thank you for the fun and happiness I have experienced. I know I will be back.

Thomas H.