Service & food is great!  Thx.

Valentino Benny with spinach was excellent!

Thxs for the eggselent choices!

This was the best Thanksgiving dinner I’ve had — the dressing was supperb, as well as the cranberry sauce– well, just EVERYTHING was perfect!!!  Thanks!

Esperanza & Alex

Best Eggs Benny I’ve ever had!! and I’m 41.

Fantastic food and staff!  You guys are the BEST in Victoria.

P.S.  Keep up the good work!! :)

Hats off to who bakes the pecan pie!  Wow!

Willie & Rob S.

Best pancakes ever!!!  Thanks

Anja,  Germany

The best pancakes I’ve tasted!  Great Job Staff.

Ola McCoy

Seattle, WA, USA

The best muffins ever!!!  Compliments to the baker.

Great Breakfast!  Thank you.  Amazining picker uper.

Love that ‘other’ Decaf (Lavazza)!  Yummy! Smoother & tastier than the usual decaf expresso.

Julie & Derek XO

It’s great to see properly trained wait staff.  TY!!

These were the BEST french toasts I ever had!  Thank you!

This is our 8th week of this trip (from PA, USA) BEST BREAKFAST OF THE TRIP!!!  Thanks!

Bob & Marie Henninger

BBQ pork with mushroom soup.  Best sandwich I’ve ever had.  Thank-You.  Great service, Great place, Great food. 10/10.

That was the most edible food we have ever eaten!  Most Brill!!  Yum yum in our tum!  Is da Beeest!

I had a most enjoyable lunch at your restaurant in early July.  As I entered I saw the picture of Wayne Gretzky on your wall and on returning home noted the experience with my neighbour Walter Gretzky.  He was interested in my experience and offered this newest picture of Wayne.  John’s Place was recommended to us by a Qualicum Beach resident and we were delighted by your food and your staff.

Thanks for a memorable experience.

Hope you enjoy the new picture.

Mrs. Patricia O’Leary

You’re Classic Benny was to breakfast what a symphony orchestra is to Mozart.  Delicious!  The best in North America and I am one who knows the difference.


Pete Rodman- San Diego USA


We have tasted Fish and Chips in the U.K., Europe, and Singapore, these were the best we ever had.


Dear Chef.  Best Burger Ever!



The halibut blueberry risotto special on the menu was increadible!  I found the texture, taste & presentation to be, as usual, first class.   I would like to send this note to John to appraise him of the great job his chefs are doing.

Eric Ooms

John the Chef

I immensly enjoyed your halibut special.  The apple chutney was very subtle and almost invisible but a perfect blossom for the blanket of fish.  Also the ‘tipi hut’ presentation was really fun and veg not overcooked.

Thank You,

J Goodson

That burrito was monolithic and tasted incredible!!

Thank you so so much!

Dear John’s

Great breakfast selection, service, quality & staff.  The corned beef was the best “peasant food” on the planet.  Real care in its preparation along with the expertly done soft poached eggs.  My wife’s Hollandaise was light and delicate.  The waitress was a laugh a minute.  All you need is her people energy to have a party.

Thanks for the fun,

Tark Hamilton

Best Benny we’ve ever had out!!  Perfect Hollandaise & we know Benny’s.


Kendien & Jeff

I have to say those eggs Benny were the absolute best!  You guys rock!  And Deb, you’re the best waitress ever!!


We just wanted to tell you that the apricot cheesecake today was exquisite and by far one of the best we have ever tasted!  I have searched the world for a New York style cheesecake that equalled one my wife & I had on the pier in Sydney Australia in 1975.  This came very close!  A terrific cake.

That was great pecan pie!  Lots of nuts and not too sweet!

Great?? It was better than great it was fantabulous! And, we will keep coming for the bread too!

Dear John, cook, baker and all front staff:

After 10 years of the many feature slices and desserts, today’s feature “amaretto chocolate cream pie” is undoubtedly the nicest slice my young daughters and I have had at John’s or anywhere.  With the exception of a slice I had in 1992 in the Banff Springs Hotel which I can’t pronounce.  Thank you.

With much gratitude,

Susan M & family

The pie was superb!  Delicious.

Best martini’s outside of those at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy where martinis were first made.  Excellent mix and property chilled.


Amazing food.  Great service.


We’ve been away for six months – eat breakfast out a lot – but your breakfast fries are the BEST. Far better than any we had in Palm Desert CA, or Vancouver!

Brian Gingell

Have been here (in Victoria) a week and this has been the BEST food of the entire trip – HANDS DOWN!
Thank You
Linda – Portland Or.

Way to go John’s Place! Best French Toast!! I make my own all the time but your Tropical Bannana is even better.
Thank You
Sean – Happy Dad on Mom’s Day

Your Fish and Chips is among top 3 best Fish meals we’ve ever had! We are from Milw. WI. where Friday night fish fries are a tradition! Outstanding bread and service as well!

Siam Mussels should be on the menu!! They were great!

Things seem to change so quickly these days – It’s such a nice feeling knowing John’s Place and the staff are there!

Thank You!

Mark Perry

It was the best meal in Canada…we have crossed all the country: Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, Regina, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Prince George….and now Victoria.

Matteo – Parma, Italy

Best veggie patty I have ever eaten. Mmmmm. That was the most delicious Vegan Burger I have ever eaten!


I just have to thank you for the PERFECT Eggs Benedict this morning. They are an experience that is woefully rare and I felt compelled to show my appreciation.

Over the past 12 years that I have been a devoted customer of yours I have never once been disappointed in the quality of food and service….

Loressa – Brentwood Bay BC

One Word: Awesome!

I had the best pancakes of my life with a special mention for the homemade creamcheese syrup.


Paris France