John’s Place – Times Colonist
Thursday January 6 2005

Author: Pam Grant

Although I noted the nostalgic value when I wrote about John’s Place, a couple of readers e-mailed me to let me know that I was remiss in not mentioning that the poepl who work here are exceptionally good with kids.

This is not only true, but kids will love the food every bit as much as you will, and they can dangle their legs from the leatherette booths and colour while you skim the paper on a Saturday morning.

Go with a big appatite – three-egg omlettes are made with unique ingredients like fontina cheese, chorizo sausage, donnair meat , Italian chicken sausage, zucchini, red onion, sliced black olives, enchilada sauce guacamole, salsa asparagus chicken, artichoke hearts, baby shrimp, smoked salmon, and sun dried tomatoes, as well as a all the usual choices, and come with home fries and you choice of English muffin, bagel, toast or banana bread.

Later in the day, indulge in a real milkshake and burgers made by hand. John Cantin and company don’t do pre-fab food – this is a scratch kitchen. Vegetarians and vegans are well looked after too: the vegan burger ($7.95) is made with juicy portibella mushrooms, brown rice, pine nuts, red onion, grated carrots and spices, and comes topped with sliced tomatoes, lettuce and grated carrots with chipotle mayonnaise or tomato salsa.